About Levi

Levi Reece - Your Metro Atlanta Real Estate Agent


Levi Reece helps buyers and sellers in the Metro Atlanta area fulfill their real estate goals. He is a lifelong resident of Cobb County and has a passion for serving others through real estate.

After getting his real estate license in 2017, Levi set out to learn everything he could about how to best serve his clients and set himself apart from other agents in the area.


“I quickly realized that the old way of doing business wasn’t going to work for me. I hated the robotic scripts, constantly trying to sell people, and focusing on commissions rather than creating meaningful relationships with clients. I was doing what some of the most successful brokerages were telling me to do, but it didn't fit my personality so I had to do something different. That is why I joined 1st Realty Services. I'm now able to do business my way and focus on what makes my clients happy instead of focusing on what makes the company happy. 1st Realty allows me to put the customer first and that means a lot to me!"


Levi is also a firm believer that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. That is why he is committed to making his service customer focused rather than the commission focused.


“I genuinely love helping people and that is what I set out to do every day. Clients don’t need to be sold... They need someone who will listen to them, care about them, and help them understand the real estate process. Someone who wants to connect with them rather than close them to collect a quick commission.”


When Levi isn’t out helping clients you can find him spending time with family, cooking, at the beach, or with his pets Dooley (an English Bulldog) and Rooty (a potbellied pig).


If you are searching for an agent around Metro Atlanta, contact Levi with any questions you may have. He is always happy to help! You can reach him on his cell at 770-710-1025, email at levireece01@gmail.com, or find him on social media by searching @thelevireece. You can also call 1st Realty Services at 770-352-9277.